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The Love Living Brand was born out of my passion for design and has been created over several years.  I’m drawn to design, beauty and lifestyle  and love how the combination of these elements impacts and influences our daily lives.

Love the life you Live

Love Living, as the names suggests, is about loving the life you live everyday, whether it is appreciating the beautiful design we experience in fashion, nature, architecture, furniture or sitting back and being pampered at a beauty salon, enjoying a beautiful meal with close friends and family or discovering beauty in the most unexpected places through your travels.

Creating beautiful custom furniture pieces specifically for you

As a client I will custom design and make pieces for you which exhibit your personality through its design. More recently I have been focusing on furniture which is simple and functional, are beautiful in design that can be the talk of your home. Everyday objects that are exciting, that show your personality and creative side  which I will help you translate it into a beautiful piece of design.

Life is what we make of it and only we can create our happiness, so join me in my journey to Love Living.

Drawn to Design, Beauty and Lifestyle